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Etelligence is a Microsoft Small Business Specialist and has a wide experience using Dell PowerEdge servers now with dual-core Intel Xeon Processors which deliver up to 62% performance improvement. Etelligence is also a Microsoft Small Business Specialist. They are compatible with your existing Xeon architecture are dual-core servers and can scale with your business needs.

Etelligence also uses it vast experience in implementing Windows server technology on your server. With Windows Small Business Server 2008 delivers a powerful advantage to small businesses owners. A complete and affordable network solution, it brings the power of big business technology to small companies. By simplifying your business operations and allowing you to make the most of your resources, Windows Small Business Server 2008 helps your company work smarter and more productively. Click for the main top 10 reasons to get Windows Small Business Server 2008.

And why might you ask should you get a server in the first place well for the following reasons:

  • Centralized - Resources and data security are controlled through the server.
  • Scalability - Any or all elements can be replaced individually as needs increase.
  • Flexibility - New technology can be easily integrated into system. Interoperability - All components (client/network/server) work together.
  • Accessibility - Server can be accessed remotely and across multiple platforms.
  • Speed – network will run far better as data and resources are handled by a dedicated machine. Also currently the user of the machine experiences poor performance when everyone accesses it’s resources.
  • Backup – as all data is stored centrally it is easy to backup
  • Support and management – as the server controls the majority of settings on the network etc the job of support is far easier as the main element of support is provided to the server and not individual machines. Global changes are easy to make from one location.