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Traditional remote access required companies to lease expensive, dedicated data lines or maintain modem banks, telephone lines, and pay telecommunication usage charges to support dial-up users. The prohibitive costs of dedicated data lines forced most small and medium organizations to use slow, dial-up connections for remote access. Even this option was expensive and complex to deploy.

With the advent of affordable broadband and standards-based VPN, organizations can bypass these expensive and complex remote access solutions. A VPN delivers remote access via ubiquitous Internet connections. With today’s VPN technology and broadband connections, companies of any size use the Internet to securely extend the reach of their network resources. With the advent of ubiquitous Internet access and VPN technology, remote access is handled through the same connection used for Internet service.

SonicWALL VPN enables simple and cost effective remote access for telecommuters, branch offices, partners and others you want to give access to your network resources. SonicWALL’s IPSec-based VPN seamlessly operates with SonicWALL Internet security appliances to create an integrated security and remote access solution. Because SonicWALL VPN is based on the IPSec standard, it’s compatible with other VPN gateways. SonicWALL VPN is easy to set up using the streamlined Web-based interface incorporated in every SonicWALL Internet security appliance.