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Protect your name on the web by registering it through us now. We take the pain out of protecting your identity on the internet . Our prices are really competitive for .ie domain names and of course we can also setup other domains for you ie .com, .net, .org, .biz or .info.

Why should I register my domain name ?
One reason is that having your own domain allows you to setup your own personalised email accounts ie This makes your company alot more professional looking. Custom that with a good website and you have now and you have taken the first few major steps to bringing your Companys brand online.

Also quite simply, to prevent somebody else registering it before you do. There are over 80,000,000 domain names registered worldwide, and this is increasing by over 50,000 per day. There are over 200,000 domain names registered to companies in Ireland (about 50,000 in .ie). Most common English words have already been registered. It has become increasingly difficult to set up a web site under your desired name, so it is vitally important to reserve your name early while it is still available - even if you don't plan on using it for some time.