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Business information is typically represented in various formats, i.e., stored in multiple file formats, multiple locations and managed in both unstructured and structured knowledge repositories. However, to successfully deal with growing levels of information, each piece of information must be easily captured, made instantly accessible by the right people and delivered precisely when and where it is needed.

Etelligence with our Partner Adest provide effective business processing solutions, i.e. we mange your business documentation and data as a competitive value proposition.

Our solutions assist organisations take control of their information assets at all levels and align them with core business processes in order to best improve overall performance. Manual sorting, traditional filing, storage, management and hardcopy distribution of documentation are eliminated from the business process of document management. A less-paper working environment means faster decision-making, reduced labour costs, increased productivity, secure document management and flexible web accessibility.

Our Solutions create a better way to manage businesses:

  • Faster (electronic) collection and distribution of documents and information
  • Maximise staff productivity through elimination of manual document and business processing activities
  • Realisation of full business potential and investments with seamless integration to existing business applications/processes
  • Ensure compliance with legislative regulations and corporate directives
  • Full system auditing with user and record traceability against all document processing
  • Improve operational efficiency and sustaining business continuity
  • Increased profitability and competitiveness

Our integrated document and business processing solutions are designed to solve critical challenges for departments, enterprises and industries. Our comprehensive range of industry solutions, product offerings and extensive experience in developing and providing electronic document management software proves our ability to fulfill your document management requirements